Newark, NJ: Reclaiming Our Land from the Flows of Global Capitalism

Exhibition Open: August 1, 2019 – August 31, 2019
Springfield, MA
Seeking Environmental Justice in the North End
Ringwood, NJ
Ringwood Mines and the Ramapough Lunaape Nation
Chicago, IL
Resisting Cycles of Environmental Injustice in La Villita
Indianapolis, IN
Inequity Along the White River: Local Advocacy for Change
Phoenix, AZ, and the Colorado River Basin
Water & Environment in the Arid Southwest
New Brunswick, NJ
Climate Justice is Worker Justice
Albany, NY
The Empire's Backyard: Power & Pollution in Sheridan Hollow
Miami, FL
Mapping Memories: Immigrant Workers Seek Climate Justice
New Orleans, LA
Standing Up on River Road: Activism in South Louisiana
Oxnard and San Fernando, CA
Reimagining Immigrants and Environmental Justice
Milwaukee, WI
Urban Blight as Environmental Injustice
Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, CA
Witnessing the Slow Violence of the Supply Chain
Providence, RI (Pageacoag)
Amplifying Narragansett Voices on Land and Survivance
Greensboro and Princeville, NC
Environmental Justice Along the Underground Railroad
Mayagüez, PR
Aftermaths: Community Responses to Climate Disaster
Philadelphia, PA
100 Years in the Middle: Stories of Eastwick, Phila.
Twin Cities, Minnesota
Engaging Community and Confronting Environmental Injustice
Newark, NJ
Reclaiming Our Land from the Flows of Global Capitalism
Aug 01 - Aug 31

Follow 22 communities as they explore the roots of climate and

environmental inequality
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