We are direct. Our logo is the simplest distillation of our voice. It links every website, report, email, and tweet.

Logo sizes

Our logo comes in two sizes: one for ordinary use, and one that is more legible at very small sizes. 

Pairing the logo with text

Since our logo is so simple, it can be used naturally in a line of text. Because of the period in the logo, it must be used where a period is natural—at the end of a sentence  or as a url. It’s tricky to get the sizing right, so leave it to the design teams. Don’t put the logo in a sentence in an ordinary email, letter, or presentation. 

Dos + don'ts

Our logo must be used consistently to build recognition. Take these precautions to make sure the logo is always legible and seen the same way.


The icon version of our logo is for social media. The square shape works perfectly as a profile image on all platforms, even if cropped to a circle by the platform. Every now and then, you may use the icon when space is extremely tight (less than 3/8″ wide), but check with the design team before using it anywhere other than on social media.