Candid tells it like it is. We don’t hide behind jargon. We keep asking questions about the world, let you know what we find out—and help you know what you can do about it.

Our voice

We’re friendly. We want to help, not hype. Our voice sounds like how you might talk to a friend—direct and honest.

We’re active. We get things done and help others do the same. We don’t use the passive voice.

We want answers. 
We want to find out more about the world. So we don’t ask rhetorical questions—we ask real ones.

We get to the point.
Our audience is busy.Use clear, simple words—and as few of them as possible.


To speak in our voice, always focus on your message—not fun or clever ways to say it. Wordplay, especially with our name, is at best silly and at worst confusing or evasive. This applies to communicating with customers as well as in private, internal communications.

Using our name

Our name is simply Candid—with no period. Our logo makes a one-word sentence out of our name; it has a period for added visual impact. But when writing our name in text, you should punctuate normally.  Follow ordinary rules for proper nouns: capitalize the first letter, except in urls and email addresses.

Headlines and titles

Titles and headlines should be capitalized like an ordinary sentence: with a capital letter at the start and for all proper nouns. (For rules on capitalizing our name, see Using our name.)