Who we are

Our story

Our world is changing. Faith in established systems is crumbling. As the role of government shifts, people want the private sector to do more and more. But it’s hard to know whom to trust. It’s no wonder people don’t want to challenge their beliefs.

The world is full of people who don’t settle for the status quo—people with good ideas, determination, and courage. In their own way, each is at the leading edge of change. But being out in front can be isolating and overwhelming. It can be hard to see the big picture.

We will succeed because we are many things at once. We’re data scientists and designers, sociologists and strategists, programmers and policy wonks, veterans and upstarts. We’re idealists and realists at the same time. But we all believe that sharing knowledge can help us create a better world. We brought together 88 years of experience, but we’re ready to clear a path forward.

Our (big) mission

Candid gets you the information you need to do good.

Our guiding principles

— Leadership: We ask tough questions and demand real answers.

— Insight: We know data is just the beginning of the story.

— Sharing: We can all do more when we get to know each other better.

Our vision

We see a future in which

— everyone speaks honestly about what they do, what works, and what can be improved

— people and organizations can make the greatest impact

— private resources are deployed more effectively toward the public good

We want to help people

— evaluate and share their work and the work of others

— have access to tools that help them do their best work

— improve their skills so they can improve the world

Our name

Foundation Center and GuideStar always shared a commitment to the same values. We believe that everyone should have the facts. The greatest service we can provide is to be up-front about all that we know. 



Our (first) tagline

Our tagline is a phrase that sums up Candid in the shortest, most direct way. As Candid evolves, our tagline may also change from time to time.


See the world. Make it better.

Our descriptive line

This line goes into a little more detail than our tagline, but it’s still quick. It’s what we may share with members of the media who are looking for a simple way to describe what we do.


Candid connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to do it.

Our boilerplate

Our boilerplate describes what we do—and its value—when we have more space. It can be used on websites, press releases, reports, and the like.


Every year, millions of nonprofits spend trillions of dollars around the world. Candid finds out where that money comes from, where it goes, and why it matters. Through research, collaboration, and training, Candid connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to do it. Candid’s data tools on nonprofits, foundations, and grants are the most comprehensive in the world. Foundation Center and GuideStar joined forces to become Candid, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Find out more at candid.org.